Lacey King, a wealthy Aussie heiress, has everything she could need or want, except friends. Sick of being used for her money and power, she’s withdrawn from society to focus on charities when her American cousin calls in a favor. Now, thanks to one six-and-a-half-foot tall, god-like, beefcake of a man, Lacey’s relatively simple life is about to get complicated.

Cleat Walker has always been the golden boy of rugby. Tall, good looking, and captain his team, he pretty much gets what and who he wants. When everything goes south Down Under, he finds himself in the care of a sexy, entitled redhead who’s determined to do dangerous charity work alone. Not on Cleat’s watch.

Sparks and tempers heat up as Lacey and Cleat travel the Outback, where crocodiles aren’t the most deadly things in the bush.